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Top Five Causes Of Debt

Our Top Five causes of debt shows why the majority of us get into debt, and why it's so hard to get out of.

Read More » Posted on 07 Mar 2014 by CBC Finance

The Guardian warns of imminent rate rise for borrowers

The paper quotes The National Institute of Economic and Social Research as suggesting, "that rates could rise as soon as 2014, rather than the predicted 2016." This may have a significant impact on homeowners' ability to keep up repayments on their mortgages.

Read More » Posted on 12 Nov 2013 by CBC Finance

Greater Manchester families in repossession crisis reports Manchester Evening News

The Manchester Evening News reported today that 10,000 repossession orders have been granted in the last year.

Read More » Posted on 07 Nov 2013 by CBC Finance

Financial Reporter warns that '30,000 mortgages could be at risk of arrears'

Finance website "Financial Reporter" recently declared that "30,000 mortgages could be at risk of arrears" if the Bank of England increases the interest base rate.

Read More » Posted on 29 Oct 2013 by CBC Finance

Warning of Increased Mortgage Arrears from Industry Commentator

Mortgage Introducer warned of an increased risk to home owners from impending interest rate rises, and suggested that the current reductions in arrears might suffer a reversal as a result.

Read More » Posted on 28 Oct 2013 by CBC Finance

Mortgage Arrears Support in #Dorset

If you're looking for confidential, personal advice and support to help tackle your mortgage arrears in Dorset then call CBC Finance today: 01258 818182

Read More » Posted on 24 Oct 2013 by CBC Finance

National Mortgage Debts Falls By £15.4bn

The Journal reported this week that, "Prudent home owners shaved a record £15.4 billion off their mortgage debt in the second quarter of this year as ultra low interest rates helped them pay down what they owe."

Read More » Posted on 22 Oct 2013 by CBC Finance

Help for Mortgages Arrears and Debt Problems

If you're in danger of losing your home and looking for advice and support, and possibly financial assistance to sort out your debt problems, then please call us on 01258 818182. We're happy to listen and try to help work out a solution that will work for you.

Read More » Posted on 18 Oct 2013 by CBC Finance

Repossessions Rocketing in North Yorkshire and Newham

The Independent reported that; "Between July last year and June 2013, Richmondshire, North Yorkshire, saw the biggest increase in possession as claims rocketed by 80.3 per cent."

Read More » Posted on 17 Oct 2013 by CBC Finance

Over Half of Working Families Struggling or Falling Behind with Rent or Rortgages

Shelter's recent report on a poll carried out with YouGov, "shows that over half of working families are already struggling or falling behind with their rent or mortgage, Shelter is warning that this could lead to an increase in homelessness."

Read More » Posted on 14 Oct 2013 by CBC Finance

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